A Team Of Professionals On Your Side

Serious legal issues often leave you feeling overwhelmed and in need of help from someone who truly understands your situation. You want someone who will make time for you and address your legal concerns right away. You want someone you can trust, who sees you as a partner in the resolution process and values your input when making legal decisions that affect your life.

Whether you're facing a work-related injury, have suffered a catastrophic trauma because of someone else's negligence or you have been charged with a serious crime, the attorneys at Marts & Kettell, LLC, are here to help. Our knowledge in a wide variety of legal areas gives us the skills and tools we need to address your most challenging legal issues.

An Abingdon Multi-Service Law Firm Serving Central and Northeastern Maryland

We do not try to be all things to all people. We focus our practice on the legal services the individuals, families and business operators of Central and Northeastern Maryland need most, including personal injury litigation, criminal defense and other areas of law such as:

  • Workers' compensation for injuries caused in workplace accidents or because of your work activities
  • Contract law for privately-owned small and mid-sized businesses
  • Employment dispute resolution and post-employment matters for employees
  • Estate planning, including drafting and revising wills and setting up the right kind of trust
  • Dispute resolution between landlords and tenants, both residential and commercial properties

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Call our offices in Abingdon at 410-877-3966 or use the convenient email contact form to arrange an opportunity to discuss your legal matter with an attorney on our team as soon as possible. We offer a free initial consultation.