Experienced And Committed Criminal Defense

The decision to hire a lawyer after being arrested is a crucial one because it can mean the difference between protecting your rights and facing the possibility of a wrongful conviction. Whether you're facing a misdemeanor or a felony charge, you're facing a serious situation that needs to be addressed by someone with the knowledge and experience necessary to get you through the criminal process effectively. Attorney Chris Marts is the person for you, and he is here to defend your rights as well as your future freedoms.

We Aggressively Tackle Any Criminal Case

At Marts & Kettell, LLC, we are committed to providing thorough and aggressive representation to all our clients because we understand the complexities of the law and the consequences associated with a variety of crimes. We stand as strong advocates for our clients, from arrest to trial, making sure you effectively defend yourself against:

  • Drug offenses – including possession, trafficking and manufacturing charges for marijuana, cocaine, heroin and other controlled substances
  • Traffic violations – including drunk driving charges, speeding tickets and moving violations
  • Property crimes – including theft, burglary and shoplifting
  • Assault charges – including physical and sexual assault
  • Sex offenses – including rape, statutory rape, child pornography and solicitation of sex with a minor
  • Violent crimes – including murder, vehicular homicide and assault with a weapon
  • White collar crimes – including Internet crimes and fraud

Strong Defense That Sees You As A Partner

Building a strong defense against criminal allegations requires frequent and open communication between an attorney and their client, as well as compassion on an attorney's part and trust from the person seeking representation. At Marts & Kettell, LLC, we believe in keeping you informed about the process ahead and lay out the best options for you. We will gain your trust by standing as your advocate no matter how challenging your case may be.

We pride ourselves on creating a partnership with you. When you call for a free initial consultation, you speak directly with Chris or Doug, who will then handle your case all the way through a trial if necessary. We push for resolutions that make sense for you, such as getting charges reduced or dismissed entirely.

Defend Your Rights – Obtain Our Services

Never hesitate to assert your right to a lawyer when facing criminal charges. To obtain our services today, call our Abingdon, Maryland, office at 410-877-3966 or send us an email. Initial consultations are always free.