Fallston, Maryland, Drug Crimes Defense Lawyers

There are a number of common criminal offenses that can carry a markedly wide range of criminal and legal consequences. Unfortunately, drug offenses fall into this category. When it comes to providing a legal defense for drug offenses, there are a number of criteria that will impact the outcome of any legal case.

The drug in question, whether or not the charge is possession or distribution, the prior record of the defendant, the judge and jury overseeing the case, and the quality of the legal counsel will all determine the outcome of a case. For this reason, it is important that everyone understands the legal circumstances surrounding drug offenses.

A Team Of Attorneys Protecting Your Rights

If you have been questioned by the police, or have already been arrested and charged with a drug crime in Central and Northeastern Maryland, don't give the prosecutor the upper hand. Get an experienced team of lawyers on your side right away.

Call the team at Marts & Kettell, LLC, in Abingdon. We offer more than 50 combined years of legal experience, with a successful record of helping our clients get the best possible outcome for cases involving illegal drugs.

A Challenging Political Climate

Anyone facing drug charges should understand that the climate surrounding drug charges is murky at best. There has been a substantial amount of political pressure rolling downhill that puts pressure on prosecutors to seek stiff punishments for defendants facing drug charges in an effort to stamp out the permeation of illegal drugs that have been flooding the streets. This can place defendants in a challenging position.

Experience Across A Full Range Of Misdemeanor And Felony Drug Offenses

Our experience includes narcotics offenses such as:

  • Misdemeanor possession of marijuana
  • Felony possession of cocaine and other controlled substances
  • Intent to distribute, drug trafficking
  • Manufacturing or production of illegal drugs

Consequences For Drug Charge Convictions

Penalties vary, depending upon the charges and your prior record. Our lawyers know how high the stakes are and we have a successful case record for our clients. We work hard to find every alternative to a conviction and possible jail time. We stand by you from the first meeting through the conclusion of your case. When you call with questions or concerns, we will respond as quickly as possible and give you clear information.

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