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The dealership sold you a lemon. Now what?

It's a great feeling to drive a brand-new car directly off the dealer's lot. The easy, smooth acceleration when you pull onto the highway. The smell of the leather interior, fresh carpets and never-before-used electronics. Adjusting the buttons and dials of the amenities that only come with a new automobile. It reminds you of what the thrill of driving and car ownership is about.

Until six months later when you've found yourself at the dealership for repairs for the fifth time, that is. That's when you have to ask yourself, "Did they sell me a lemon?"

Distracted driving crackdown in Maryland

When driving, you need to keep your focus on the task at hand. There are far too many things distracting drivers, however, the worst being cell phones and texting. The roads are full of drivers who simply are not paying attention.

Maryland continues to crack down on this, issuing more citations for distracted driving all the time. The problem is not going away quickly, however, and some are calling for even more drastic action.

The law and medical marijuana in Maryland

Recently, medical marijuana became available for purchase in the state of Maryland. As many flood the marketplace to seek out this alternative treatment, an industry is taking shape, and laws are being brought into focus.

With dispensaries opening their doors across the state, and doctors issuing written certifications, there are some legal aspects potential patients should consider.

When police have the wrong guy

You've probably watched this scene play out on television: A cop approaches a man in public and arrests him. The man, now in handcuffs, says "You've got the wrong guy!" as he is taken off to jail in a squad car. Most of the time, the man who claims he wasn't the guy actually is the guy, and he serves time in jail for his crimes, but what happens when he isn't the guy?

According to CNN, an innocent person is arrested for a crime they didn't commit at least once per day nationwide. It happened recently to a man at Baltimore-Washington International Airport, and he is still claiming personal trouble from it today. Being released from custody after an arrest can be a lengthy process, and understanding your rights in this situation can be even more challenging if you don't know what you've done wrong.

Ignition interlock now required for all convicted of DUI

In October, Maryland will conclude the first year under strict new DUI guidelines that require any driver convicted of DUI or any driver who refuses to take a breathalyzer test to have an ignition interlock device installed in their car.

Those who require an ignition interlock device under the Drunk Driving Reduction Act of 2016 will not be able to start their cars if they have a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .025 or greater. Once the car starts, however, this is not the end of the testing. At various intervals, drivers are required to retest. If they fail to do so within a 10-minute window, their car horns will honk, and in some cases, their lights will flash.

What are the legal consequences of opioid abuse?

The abuse of opium and related narcotic drugs has been a cultural issue in the western world since the mid-1800s when they were brought into the British Empire via trade with Asian nations. In more recent years, however, the availability of prescription drugs has caused the amount of opioid abuse to rise sharply.

In large part, the recent rise in opioid abuse has been attributed to the prevalence of narcotics that are prescribed to medical patients. Patients are prescribed opioids for medical issues, but they become addicted to the medication.

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